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  • AL2302B

    Tilt wall mount suitable for 42” – 60” screens

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Tablet devices installed in reception areas and client care areas are designed to help both the patient and the facility. Located in hospital reception areas the devices can be used both as an educational and navigational tool for patients. Capable of gathering real-time patient feedback, tablets are also the perfect tool to improve healthcare services, capturing input on anything from the level of care, professionalism of doctors and even the cleanliness of hospital rooms and the facility as a whole.

A better patient experience

Some might argue that engaging feedback from patients in this way is consumerisation of healthcare, but why not! Just because you’re lying in a hospital bed or waiting for visiting time, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have control over your experience and potential future experiences. Patient / consumer feedback is an invaluable source of information that can aid the hospitals in providing better services that will positively improve the patient experience.

Software that helps to organise and monitor the hospital visits of a patient, also helps with the collection of data that could turn your healthcare facility into the best in the area.

Security concerns

Unfortunately, hospitals and healthcare business premises aren’t exempt from criminal activity and as such, tablet security needs to be taken seriously. Ensuring that you have the right tablet brackets and tablet enclosures to protect and secure the unit is essential. The location of each unit also needs to be taken into consideration as key specifications will vary accordingly. Finding a unit specifically designed for hospital and medical areas is easy at Howlo. We stock a range of mobile tablet stands, desktop tablet enclosures and fixed tablet enclosure mounts for you to choose from.

All our tablet enclosures are also available as charging stations. These charging stations are really great for airport slow lounges, restaurants and events!

Simply contact us via email with your brief and we will be able to provide you with advice and guidance on selecting the correct product for your tablet device.


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