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  • A160

    45 Degree Extending Tilted Ceiling Mount.

  • A811

    Swing arm bracket suitable for 15” – 27” screens

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    Secure tablet enclosure with built in USB ports

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    Large format, high impact visual display solutions

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  • AL2302B

    Tilt wall mount suitable for 42” – 60” screens

  • X-Stand

    Mobile presentation display stand

  • AL1201B

    Flat wall mount suitable for 42” – 60” screens

  • A810

    C-Clamp desk mount 15” – 27” screens

The 2016 #HackJozi Challenge is an annual competition for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to solve daily challenges faced by the citizens of JoBurg through digital solutions. It is a collaborative initiative hosted by the City of Johannesburg (Department of Economic Development) and Wits University (Joburg Centre for Software Engineering). The JCSE has established an ICT Hub in Braamfontein which is central to enhancing the ICT capacity for the City.


The top 10 contestants have the unique opportunity to interact with the ICT game-changers through a free year’s membership to the Hub. The top 10 will be offered mentorship under the guidance of Prof Barry Dwolatzky. This interaction hopes to assist start up ideas grow into household brands. It aims to enhance cooperation with stakeholders and attract seed funding, as well as incubating new ideas.

TimeWize Parental Control App has been awarded one of the prestigious top 10 positions. We are looking forward to the interaction with our Mentors at the Hub to bring this much needed parenting solution for our kids uncontrolled face time with android mobile devices.


The rapid growth of the mobile phones and tablets and their  integration into our daily lives has left a void in the historical parenting experience .There are new challenges when raising children in the digital age, where devices have become  compulsory tools in education. The family and school environment needs to set an example by teaching children responsible usage of these devices. The connectivity and social platforms on offer are often misconstrued as a form of healthy social interaction. TimeWize is able to offer both the parent and the child the opportunity to have the necessary conversations about online content and access. TimeWize Parental Control is a tool which helps parents to establish a balanced approach to the usage of mobile devices in their children’s lives. By limiting time and access children will be encouraged to participate in traditional social activities and the little joys in life.

TimeWize Parental Control is a simple to use mobile application that allows you to remotely control your child's usage of their Android tablet or phone. You get to set a schedule for when the phone or tablet will be locked and unlocked as well as setup individual permissions for each app that will be locked or unlocked according to the schedule. If the child needs to use the phone or tablet out of this scheduled time, they can send an unlock request from the tablet to your phone where you can allow it for a certain period or decline it. We have also included a handy little feature called "Don't Ask Again" which will let you block this request for a pre-set period of time.

TimeWize Parental Control consists of two separate apps. The first one, "TimeWize Parental Control Parent App" is installed on the parent's phone. This can be installed on an Android or an Apple device. In the setup procedure, the parent will be prompted to download and install "TimeWize Parental Control Child App" on the child's device. This can only be installed on an Android mobile phone or tablet.


"The parent device acts as a remote control for the child device."

A unique feature of TimeWize Parental Control is that we have the facility to add a Secondary Parent at no extra cost for the instances where one of the parents are unavailable or when the families are separated.

A very useful additional feature we offer is the "Where's my Child" feature. You can do a search for your children individually by device. Once TimeWize has determined the location, you will be able to open the location in the phone's default navigation software to navigate to the location without having to enter any address. We have also programmed this feature to save a last known location in case the device is turned off or runs out of battery.

As is often the case, one of the many apps you will want to restrict on your child's devices are the messaging apps so we have included a basic messaging function in TimeWize so that both the primary and secondary parent will be able to keep in contact with their children.

Always together, always TimeWize...


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